Mountain Natives - Silent Hour

August 08, 2020

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Sometimes we just have a crush for a track.

And we got another one. For "Silent Hour", the new single of Mountain Natives, a husband-wife duo from Dallas.

They first made us think about Arbour Season, as their musical universe is really close.

The song is a folk-rock ballad. Starting slowly, with an acoustic guitar and wonderful vocal harmonies.

And vocal harmonies will accompany our journey until the end of the song.

Loads of producers would tell you that a it's a risky bet in the music industry.

But when it's done perfectly, as Mountain Natives do... There's no problem.

With incredibly heartfelt lyrics, the song is an invitation to fight. To never give up.

And those lyrics totally spoke to us, as we share a common point with Philipp and Loren: cancer.

A short word that can scare people. But that helps to see life in so much different ways.

To enjoy every single second we spent with the ones we love.

To not giving a damn about what we believe to be problems, which are really just trivial things.

And we can tell, for sure, that music is the best medicine we've found to get through this.

The song builds, until an epic ending. And here we go. Arms hairs dressed vertically. The chills.

Isn't it what you're looking for, when you come to see us?

Mission accomplished. Perfectly.

If you like this song, please share it with your beloved. They deserve it.

No matter what fight they have to fight.

Also, don't hesitate to listen to some of their other songs. They're all good!

And as Native Mountains are real musicians, who do not cheat, here's the acoustic version they've recorded in their living room.

With a special guest :)

On occasion for you to see that their talent is authentic.

And please remember their name. You may hear from them again on the IMC.

Included in our "Indie Folk Gems" playlist.

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