Thomas Day - Wildflower

October 07, 2022

For years, Thomas LaVine was the only Thomas to be featured on IMC. He will have to leave room for a newcomer.

Thomas Day is a young artist of only 19 years old, who, in just a few releases, has managed to convince millions of people thanks to social media. With more than 6 million followers on TikTok, Thomas is part of this new generation for whom the screens have no secrets.

And that gives him a very nice window of exposure for his music, and so much the better! Because "Wildflower," his new single out today, is one of the catchiest songs of the year we've heard so far. Starting all acoustic, the song slowly grows to an explosion of flavors around 1:07.

Wonderfully calibrated production, power, and emotion, Thomas masters all these elements down to the smallest detail. The dosage is very careful, each element is in the right place. It is obvious that his flawless writing, his warm vocals, and his impressive speech flow are serious advantages for an artist. But being able to combine them all at only 19 years old is breathtaking.

"Wildflower" is exactly the kind of song you don't forget in less than a week, and which can stick around for a long time. Very very long time. Because the radio potential is enormous. Watch this young man closely, you might hear him everywhere in a while.

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