The Magic Epic - More Than Just Pretty

April 06, 2021

Toby Juan AKA The Magic Epic is back! He had already enchanted us on January 29th, with the magnificent song "Sally". The Magic Epic is aptly named. His songs are always magical and epic!

Whether musically or visually, he is an artist who invests himself thoroughly and takes care of every detail so that everything is perfect. We remember the magic of this song, "Sally", with its music video in which a ballet dancer was dancing in the middle of the street in an almost deserted town.

And this is still the case with "More Than Just Pretty". Musically, it's still a slap! The song opens in an atmosphere that one could almost call "indie-folk", with just the incredible voice of Toby and an acoustic guitar.

But the song builds up slowly. The first chorus is a real treat for the ears. I have always loved the presence of a piano in indie rock. This gives an incredible dimension: the power of drums coupled with the softness of a piano is my favorite paradox.

If like me you are a sea lover, you will love the music video, mainly focused on the marine side: The Magic Epic offers you a boat trip with a pretty young woman. A taste of summer, as the third lockdown begins for us, and for the next four weeks. I made the most of it this weekend, I spent my days at the beach like it was the last time. Thanks to The Magic Epic, I prolong this feeling of freedom and I can continue to feel the iodine through the screen.

The song offers us, as in "Sally", a monumental final part where amazing and surreal vocals, electric guitar, piano, backing vocals come together for a fireworks display of emotions.

What a joy to hear The Magic Epic again, very comfortable and very effective in its universe: strong emotions.

Included in our "Indie Rock" Spotify playlist.

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