The King's Parade - Night Calls

December 17, 2017

The King's Parade come from London. These four musicians (Olly Corpe, Sam Rooney, Tom English and Chris Brent) offer us an alternative-pop with powerful chords, tinged with a touch of soul.

Vocally, we can also highlight the performance, which is just magical, and transports us into an amazing universe.

Real emotional lift, "Night Calls" captivates us for more than 3 minutes of musical pleasure.

The singer, Olly, told us that the song talks about "being a kid and feeling so empty without the people you love surrounding you and taking care of you. The song grew and I started to notice how much I could still relate to that even as an adult. It seems like those feelings you have when you’re young are so strong that never let them go".

We appreciate in their bio the reference to the Black Keys, even if, in our humble opinion, The King's Parade is much better in terms of quality of writing and composition.

Available on Spotify, Soundcloud, and iTunes.