Tesla Arrow

May 17, 2018

When we received "Now Is Now", we were excited from the first notes that Tesla Arrow sang. From the first words, we are hooked by the melody, original, very sweet, and beautifully composed. The first chorus, very sweet, makes us understand that we are dealing with a complete artist, who perfectly masters her voice. The little break that follows the chorus, testifies to the relaxing atmosphere of this ballad, before a second verse which is all smooth. The rhythm really appears during the second chorus, and we get all the emotional power of the track. Some soft notes for just a few seconds on a gliding atmosphere, before a final part as high as the level Tesla Arrow's talent : exceptional. Aged only 24, the young artist, whose musical maturity is surprising, gave us an amazing performance. This is why you find her in our "Rising Star" section: to enjoy her for a longest time from our homepage. If you liked this song, then don't wait to discover the whole EP on Spotify (see player below) and iTunes, which includes three other tracks that really worth a listen. "You Are Safe", a little bit in the same genre, very calm and soft, but very emotional in the end. "Folded", a delicious sweet candy in a more rhythmic way, and even more powerful. Finally, "Kill The Night" is a jewel with some electro flavors, and is perfectly produced and radio ready. As we always say in French, "we keep the best for the end" with "Now Is Now", our favourite so far, which close the EP in a perfecty way.