Sunday Moments Oct 6, 2019

06 octobre 2019

Cait Leary - I Don't Want to Fall in Love Again

It's a rainy day in France, where we're located. So we'll spend the day chilling inside and listening to the wonderful tracks our artists submitted.

Are you looking for the perfect playlist to rest on this Sunday?

We found a beautiful pearl to open this column!

Welcome to the wonderful world of Cait Leary from Minneapolis.

An extraordinary voice, totally surprising, a soft guitar, and a discreet piano: it was enough for our heart racing.

The artist talks about fear, and how the fact of naming it helped her to carry on.

It may talk to a lot of people. And with such powerful ballads, we're pretty sure that she can build a wonderful career.


Tim Mattsing - Sit Like Achilles

We continue with a more acoustic sound, and we dive into the world of Tim Mattsing, Swedish artist, simple and authentic.

With a catchy chorus, "Sit Like Achilles", the artist signs a quality composition mixing English pop and indie folk.

1st track from his new album released on September 27, we promise you that the song will stay in your head.

It was really good! But we have the impression that it was too short.

We're asking for more!


Radical Face - Homesick (Piano)

Radical Face is back with the "Ghost: Anniversary Edition", and with a new version of Homesick.

Despite we didn't know about the original version, this track appeared in our list and we just said "Wow".

Perfect match for our Sunday Moments! As the lyrics video perfectly suits the song, you will discover all the fragility the artist can offer, in only three minutes.

Even though the artist has nothing to prove on the Indie music scene, as he already has a solid fans community, we found in that song the essential ingredient for your Sunday : peace.

It's beautiful. It's pure. It's the best we could find for you.


Transit Club - Bells

Let's go to Sweden now, to take a breath of fresh air offered by Transit Club.

"Bells" is the third single from this 6-piece Stockholm's band, and will bring you some refreshing waves of indie pop.

A very catchy chorus which will run in your head all Sunday long. And even more.

With great vocals harmony and an amazing guitar sound, the track was included in the "Spotify New Music Friday" playlist in Sweden.

And we really hope to hear from them again in the future.

With this radio-ready track, there's no doubt that it's totally possible.


C'est tout pour aujourd'hui. Mais si vous en voulez encore, découvrez ou re-découvrez notre playlist Spotify "Sunday Moments"!

It's over for today. But if you want more, discover our "Sunday Moments" Spotify playlist below!