Radical Face - The Missing Road

August 09, 2020

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It had been a long time since we heard from Radical Face.

A few years ago we had an online radio called "Pop'N'rocK Radio", and we were playing a number of songs by this wonderful artist.

Ben, AKA Radical Face is what we call a complete artist. Writing, singing, drawing, illustrating, doing tutorials ... These are just a few of the many facets of the artist.

Here he is back, with this new single "The Missing Road".

In the description of the video, where we see him painting the cover art, the artist tells how he got this song:

"I wrote the chords and melodies over the course of a day, but the words came out a few weeks later, after a read of Robert Frost's" The Road Not Taken ". Reading it again got me thinking about some of the" almosts " in my life - roads I nearly went down but in the end chose another - but not in a negative way. More in a curious one, I'd say. I wrote the lyrics in one sitting later that day, and sang them immediately after."

And just like his painting, the song takes shape gradually. Warm and pleasant voices accompany a sparkling guitar and a discreet piano.

And it is built, little by little, until a very nice final part.

Do not expect excessive layering of instruments, because with Radical Face, everything is tidy and neatly organized.

The melody grows throughout the song, delivering wonderfully well-written lyrics, and performed with sincerity and passion.

A real gem. With Ben, we'll always feel like home.

Included in our "Indie Folk Gems" playlist.

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