Ollie Wade - Lost You in London

April 06, 2021

Sometimes, and even often, romantic relationships don't end the way you wanted them to. Even though everything seemed to be working perfectly.

Taken from personal experience, this song is for Ollie Wade a way to move on. It is often said here that music helps to face everything. "Lost You in London" tells the story of how Ollie's relationship ended in this city that is now his.

The first minute of the song is a delicious piano-vocal performance, where we are immediately seduced by the incredible voice of Ollie Wade, as comfortable vocally as Sam Smith. Then an acoustic guitar makes its appearance during the first chorus. And finally, the rhythm, discreet at first, appears in the second verse, while the relationship continues to unravel.

The song intensifies in the second chorus, where piano chords mingled with Ollie's incredible voice give you what you come looking for when you come to see us at Indie Music Center: the chills.

The final part of the song gave us enormous goosebumps, it is so powerful and loaded with emotions. Admittedly, the writing theme here is quite sad. But the emotional load is enormous, and we all need to get away from it all a bit these days.

Thank you Ollie for this walk in London. Special mention for the music video is as beautiful as the song. The final result is what you would expect from a sincere artist who writes with passion: amazing.

Included in our "Indie Pop" Spotify playlist.

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