Oliver Hazard - Northern Lights

December 16, 2022

In November 2021 on IMC, you were introduced to the Ohio indie-folk trio Oliver Hazard with "Use Me Up".

A song whose melody of the chorus begins to arise in our minds just by reading the title. That's what makes an effective song!

After that, they've been featured several times with our friend Alexrainbirdmusic, and the band has continued to grow, accumulating millions of streams on Spotify and approaching 700K monthly listeners. Looks like we had a good hunch.

Mike, Dev, and Griff are back, a week away from Christmas, with a fittingly named song: Northern Lights. From the intro, we feel that we are going to dive into the indie-folk universe that we love so much: the one that announces a lot of comfort and warmth. And this is confirmed over the seconds, thanks to the colorful vocal performance, and to nostalgic and playful writing at the same time, between memories and determination: "No I wouldn't change a thing". But after all, do we have to drag our past like a ball and chain hanging around our feet?

That's kind of the message of this song, as the band says:

"Northern Lights was written during the winter months in Ohio, a time that often feels dark, cold, and isolated. Nevertheless, there is a beauty to an Ohio winter and the pause it gives you to reevaluate your life. Northern Lights is about coming to terms with your past and embracing the present. It is a rejection of regret."

And if we want to have a good holiday, it's time to get rid of what weighs too much and just enjoy the present. And the catchy melody really makes this track special. You could sing it on repeat on Christmas Eve without realizing it. Speaking of Christmas, you'll notice the clever nod to the season at the end of the song with the appearance of the xylophone, which sounds almost like a bell that would signal the end of recess for the negative. As if the group wanted to say "Dear past, it's time for you to leave!"

And we are left with a good impression: we spent almost 4 minutes out of time, between nostalgia and pleasure, with a band of magicians that we appreciate more and more over the years. Zach Fletcher, The Satellite Station, Oliver Hazard... Santa Claus from Ohio has plenty of great nuggets to slip under your tree this year.

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Written with love by Niko. You can find more songs like "Northern Lights" on our "Indie Music" playlist on Spotify.


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