A Sip of Music - November 2, 2021

November 02, 2021

Hello, lovely community! Happy November to you all! Let's start the month with new indie music! Always remember that no matter how you feel at the moment, there will always be a song that will match your mood. Songs are always there for you. We hope you'll find a favorite among these gems. In our case, we love them all!


Ryan Nealon - Grow Up

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This summer, he made us cry with the release of the music video for "Not Coming Home". This fall (or spring, it depends on where you are) he's going to make us dance. With his new single "Grow Up", Ryan Nealon rekindles the flame, an upbeat indie-pop track with wonderful backing vocals and overflowing energy.

Wanting to draw a final line on the beliefs that have been instilled in him for too long: "I made this song for the kids, teens, and even adults that feel and felt alone because of growing pains, and I really hope this validates them."

Totally! From the first to the last second, everything is good in this new gem, and you are going to sing along much faster than you might think. The production is once again of a very, very high level of quality and Ryan won us over in just a few seconds. To add urgently to your playlists.


The Firefolk - Alisha

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If you liked The Lumineers' "Hey Ho" in 2012, you're probably going to fall for the new single from The Firefolk, a duo based out of Southeast Michigan.

A pure, powerful indie-folk sound that hooks you in just a few seconds, here is "Alisha", their 3rd single released on October 15th.

About the song, the band said: "It's a loose narrative of a man going to sea and leaving a lover behind. As a storm sets in, the lover is afraid that the man met his fate in the storm, but the sailor never intended to return as he loves the sea and the risk."

Our dreams and ambitions sometimes lead us to make sacrifices. And our loved ones who can suffer from it. It takes courage and also a lot of discernment. A song that will therefore speak to all those who are sometimes faced with an almost impossible dilemma.

In a very short format (barely 2:30), The Firefolk (which bears their name very well), take us into a very colorful universe, where the music takes power and where we find ourselves shaking our heads without realizing it. A little gem to add to your folk playlists now.


Sarpa Salpa - Your House

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Now let's go to Northampton (UK) to discover Sarpa Salpa's new single. It's been a while since we last saw them on IMC and it's a real pleasure to have them again!

Today is their fourth feature on our platform if that helps you understand that it is really a quality band. You could even say of exceptional quality. Of course, we follow a lot of solo artists on a regular basis, each time producing a better song than the last. But Sarpa Salpa is the only band to succeed in this exercise: surprise us with each release.

And the surprise here comes from the striking contrast between the catchy rhythm of "Your House" and its yet melancholic lyrics. Have you ever found yourself at your partner's house when you know the relationship is already over? This place that seemed so familiar and welcoming to you suddenly becomes hostile and cold. This is what the song is about, but the incredible light shed in the dazzling chorus makes us almost forget the sadness of the writing theme.

Sarpa Salpa is a rising band, in every sense of the word. Their quality continues to improve. And after being spotted and played by BBC 6 Music, or BBC Radio 1, the doors keep opening in front of them at breakneck speed. They will perform in March 2022 at SXSW 2022, and we wish them a long career filled with hits, like the unforgettable "Forwards Backwards" or "Another Life", that continue to run in our memory.

Timeless, Sarpa Salpa crosses time without losing a drop of authenticity.


Oliver Hazard - Use Me Up

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How about we go now to the land of The Satellite Station? Yes, you got it, we're going to Ohio to meet Oliver Hazard, a 3-piece band made of Mike, Dev and Griff. The band of buddies already has a great career behind them and has already accumulated a few million streams on Spotify. Their latest single "Use Me Up" was released on October 14th.

Are you an extrovert? If so, you've probably noticed the pros and cons by now, and this song will probably speak to you. If you sometimes feel like you're giving too much of yourself (a bit like me), you are going to find solace in this little gem.

About the song, Mike said: "I am a pretty extroverted person. Someone once asked me if it would ever catch up with me. Would I ever become drained, unable to take time to fill my own cup, giving away a bit too much of myself. At the time, it had never crossed my mind that there was a limit on extroversion. That question always stuck with me."

Musically, the track has no flaws. On the contrary, it has everything one would expect from a bright and luminous indie folk song, with a chorus that will make you sing along and a melody that hooks you in just a few seconds.

The electric guitar really brings a new dimension to the song in the last minute, like a time to think. To add to your playlists urgently.


Dylan Cox - The Comet

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Here is an artist who has an indie-folk universe exactly as we like them. Dylan Cox, an artist from Los Angeles and now living in Paris, offers us in his new single "The comet" an invitation to reflection.

It's sometimes hard to find your right place in this world, and the parallel with the comet is brilliant: it is, after all, a simple tiny pebble, lost in the immensity of the universe, that we can have the chance to observe quickly, and you never know if you will be able to see it again one day.

Dylan intelligently draws a parallel between the comet and human relationships. Is it lightning-fast? Can it last?

His Ep is out on December 1st, and this song is a great taste of what to expect. Sometimes very restrained, sometimes very powerful, this little gem is like the ocean, and delivers you emotions in successive waves.

You will appreciate the beauty of the melody, the intelligent selection of the instruments used, and the exceptional production quality. The gradual rise in power is absolutely divine, and when the song is over, only one urge comes to you: to listen again. Again and again.

A little nod to the music video to watch below, you will also love the visual performance.


This column has been made with love by Niko. All songs added to our "Indie Music" playlist on Spotify.