Old Kid - Manchester (Reprise)

June 07, 2021

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Today we’re checking in with Old Kid, an artist I featured on the second episode of my radio show in 2019. Back then he had just released his album "Tell Me Everything" filled with amazing music. Last week he popped up on my Release Radar again with his old/new release "Manchester (Reprise)" and it immediately hit me with its beautiful authenticity. So just like Darryl Webster revisited his song from years ago, I revisited his music finding a beautiful story that I’d like to share with you today.

The original version of "Manchester" was written in 2010 in the songwriter's head during a day walking through the city. He had learned to call it home and was moving away the next day, so he wanted to spend some time in its streets before embarking on a new chapter in his journey. When I listen to the song and close my eyes I can almost see the streets, feel the bittersweetness of saying goodbye to the ordinary things that became such a natural part of one's life. The song paints a vivid emotional picture that will probably feel relatable to everyone who’s moved away from a place they learned to love. "I came here for a while seems I’d lost my fire/ but this heart though it’s cold still burns".

It’s not that common that we hear an artist re-record their song from over 10 years ago, but when it does happen it gives us a unique opportunity to see how the artist has evolved. Not just from a sound perspective, but also how their relationship with the song has changed over time. I’ve had this conversation with some of my fellow artists and we all agreed that some songs grow on us, some fall out of our favor, some change meaning and some remain special to us forever. I have a feeling that "Manchester" is one of the latter, a moment captured in time that Webster, who leads a life full of traveling, can always revisit.

In this case, he chose to give the song a new life in a small setting, tastefully arranged with a lovely piano and guitar. Even though other elements come in the song keeps its very intimate feeling throughout, and the truth is it doesn’t need more. It’s just a stunning piece of storytelling that shines through its rawness.

Listen to "Manchester (Reprise)" here:

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Written by Luna Keller.


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