Nite Tides - Your Window

January 01, 2021

Hey everyone! We hope you all had a crazy night. Happy New Year! Hopefully this new one will be better for everyone, especially for musicians. When we heard "Your Window" for the first time, on Dec 2nd, we thought "that's a perfect positive anthem for the beginning of next year". Then saw the release date: January 1st. Perfect! So, our first song of the year is a fantastic pop anthem, with magic vocal harmonies on the chorus, and a huge hook that will stay in your mind for weeks. If you planned some road trips this year, this is the perfect soundtrack. The lyrics are quite simple, but are so true. We just have to look outside our window to see something new. As the chorus says, "It's all outside your window, so come on!". The quality of production is just huge here, and for a second single, we can only say that this band is really promising. Well, I've used this sentence a lot of times, but I truly believe that you will hear from Nite Tides in the future on IMC.

Included in our "Indie Pop" playlist, and of course, you will now hear this amazing track on the Indie Music Radio.

The band's point of view :

Your Window is the second single from "Nite Tides" (the moniker of Nashville based producer Ryan Poole). "Your Window" was a song written in true 2020 fashion, online and over instagram. The song began while I was on vacation. I was playing piano while looking out large beautiful windows in a mid-century modern home overlooking Downtown San Diego and San Diego bay. My girlfriend was upstairs taking a nap, and I wanted to get back out and have fun. I just started singing "It's all outside your window, so come on, come on". I started envisioning somebody going through a hard time, staring out their window at all the possibilities before them, but emotionally unable to bring themselves to get out into the world. I posted the rough sketch of the song igtv and explained to my followers how I write songs and how this one had come about. This is where it get interesting. I have a weird connection to the guitar player from Matchbox 20 (he found me randomly through a mutual friend) and from time to time comments on my stuff. He thought it was a cool idea to show people the songwriting process at such an early stage. Because he's obviously a pretty succesful dude (and Matchbox 20 was one of my favorite bands when I was 10), I took his encouragement to heart and decided to document the entire process of building the song on Instagram. I filmed 14 different videos of the entire process, from writing to recording the song-- showing my fans every step of the way. I invited their feedback and ideas and let them be my collaborators. I ran polls on instagram asking people which versions of certain parts, and melodies they liked better. I ran a poll to pick between all the options for artwork. I even had a fan who sent a voice memo with a melody suggestion that changed the chorus melody (for the better!). In the end, I thanked everybody for their help and said "this song wouldn't be the same without your feedback, encouragement, and ideas. you are my band". 2020 has cramped our style, but in this case it gave me an opportunity to work with people around the world and work in a totally new way. Im proud of the results, and thankful for my friends on the internet for helping bring the song to fruition.

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Biography :

Indie Rock I’m having a weird 2020. It began with a major family trauma, followed by a tornado, followed by COVID 19, followed by weeks of isolation, followed by Carole Baskin. It sucked. But then a curious thing happened. I accidentally started seeing a therapist. We tackled my life head on: the good, the bad, and the ugly. Most days it felt like nothing was happening—but slowly my progress became undeniable. I started opening back up to the world. I met a girl. I bought a Classic car I started a band. Desires I’ve had for years, were fulfilled—overnight. It’s 2020. I’m not supposed to feel this way. But I’m happy. I wrote “Forever Baby” about my 2020. Much like The Beach Boys before me, I used the image of California as metaphor for escaping into joy. The verses outline the dismal 2020 we all know and love—but the chorus presents my romanticized escape plan: “If I’m not sick, and you’re not sick, then we’ll head out west where the sunset lives and we’ll ride a wave forever baby” Since recording “Forever Baby”, I’ve decided I want to make these lyrics a reality. My girl and I will be flying to San Diego together on August 20th— I decided to release the song to coincide with our trip. I’m gonna teach her to surf. I’m gonna take her on a rollercoaster (if Pacific Park isn’t closed) and although our trip won’t solve the problems of the world—for a moment at least—we’ll be happy together. And in her heart and mine, that moment will last forever, baby.


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