Nikhil - Love is a Liar

09 juin 2018

Today, we go to India for the weekend, to discover Nikhil, an incredible artist. His voice will enchant you from the first notes. A catchy melody, powerful lyrics, and powerful emotions await you. A beautiful orchestration, with violins in the background. The production is very professional and your ears will thank you for listening to such a jewel. "Love Is A Liar", the message is clear. Nikhil says, "It's really about those patterns we keep falling into in our relationships. When we're getting out of a toxic relationship we always tell ourselves 'never again' - but that resolve somehow seems to be only fleeting - and we find ourselves in the same situations again and again. We're fools for love, it's a drug, and it can be painful but we'll keep doing it... and that's that". The song is available on Spotify and iTunes, and included in our "Sad" playlist.