Isak Danielson - Broken

May 03, 2018

Today, let's head to Sweden with Isak Danielson, an incredible artist with an amazing voice in a young man's body.

After climbing to the third place of X-Factor in Sweden in 2012, our artist took a break, then began to co-write songs for other artists, under his own label, songs that got over 8 million streams on Spotify.

Then, he crossed the path of Maddie Ziegler.

This name means nothing to you? Remember the young dancer in "Chandelier" of Sia. You got it?

Well the young girl participated in a dance class with choreographer Talia Favia, and used a song from Isak, and shared a short video to her 13 million fans on Instagram.

Here is our Swedish artist directly to the front of the stage.

The voice of Isak Danielson, which could be compared to Hozier, although Isak has his own musical universe, is unique, and provides strong emotions from the first seconds.

An artist to watch closely this year! Available on Spotify and iTunes and included in our "Sad" playlist on Spotify and Youtube.


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