Nap LaJoy - Ticonderoga

July 22, 2019

After a really cool intro, not too long, but just enough to guess the musical universe of Nap LaJoy. The song is rising slowly. Then a short break appears right after 2:00, and a really sympathetic guitar guides your ear to the second verse. What a voice. The power of the voice is mastered perfectly. And lyrics are really powerful. The singer doesn't make too much on the singing. Great emotions and vibes are invading your mind right now! The electric guitar kind of wake you up as the singing becomes a little more intense, and it's a really interesting ascension. We already the song power is going to grow. Then it goes down slowly until the end. And while you're listening to this cool wave, you're thinking "I'm actually living an anthologic musical moment". And you're right. This song is exactly what you needed to relax.

About the band, the adventure started two years ago, songwriter/guitarist Devin O’Keeffe and multi-instrumentalist/producer Michael Simonelli, who released a first record called "HOST". Then they were joined by drummer Dave Newman and bassist Kevin Hunter, and worked during two years (that's huge, so now you can understand why the quality of this track is so high) on a new record, "KALEIDO" releasing this July 22nd, 2019. You may be able to listen to this new record soon (at least, we hope so!) on the band's Spotify's account, and also check  out the previous record "HOST" which really worth a listen! We wish them all the success they deserve with this new gem.