Moody Jr. - Breaking Into Cars

August 06, 2021

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Paul Moody is from Woodstock and makes music under the moniker Moody Jr., and today released the first single from his upcoming album "Songs From Youth". It has often been said on IMC that the foundations of life are often tragedies or sad events, which ultimately are the trigger for a wonderful outcome. And that's what happened to Paul:

"I moved to New York from Nashville Mid - pandemic and it was very hard to find anywhere affordable in upstate New York. I had a girlfriend who lived not too far away in Woodstock, and I was going to crash with her, but we got into a fight and broke up shortly after I arrived ... So for two weeks, I ended up living in my friend's recording studio which is a small cabin in the woods without running water. During this time I wrote and recorded Breaking Into Cars and the album it is a part of."

Another proof that, even when life does not give gifts, there is always a way to turn an ordeal into a masterpiece. Because yes, we can speak of a masterpiece when we hear "Breaking Into Cars" for the first time. We feel that this period of isolation allowed Paul to write one of the most beautiful songs you will hear in 2021.

All in acoustics, Paul draws a rather sad situation but offers a glimmer of hope through a magnificent melody. It is often said that smooth things are the best. He didn't need a huge production to transform this jewel of writing into a masterpiece. His soft and warm voice convinced us as soon as he started singing. The violin brings that little extra touch that makes you feel wrapped up like cotton.

I couldn't get out of my mind the idea of ​​being in this cabin in the woods without running water. It's as if, just by closing our eyes, we could imagine ourselves with Paul, in this cabin. Like a private concert. Like when a friend introduces you to a song he just finished. Well done, Sir, you have succeeded in creating a unique and intimate atmosphere and a musical universe that just perfectly suits you.

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Written by Niko.


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