Marissa Barbalato - This Too Shall Pass

June 22, 2020

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It's been a while since we've featured girls!

And they are coming back in force this week!

Let's start the week with delicacy with Marissa Barbalato, from L.A.

Her warm and comforting voice seduced us from the first seconds, and reminded us of another talented artist that we presented to you last month: Jane H.

We're all getting through rather tough times, especially this year.

This song sounds like a cry for hope, and is taken from her "Mama Said" EP.

With a unique voice, which gives her a strong vocal identity, Marissa captivates us with heady choruses and a powerful melody.

A little gem to find in our (too small for the moment haha) "Girls of Folk" Spotify playlist.

And we're pretty sure to feature Marlissa again in the future.

Don't forget her name. You could be surprised.


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