Jane H. - Seashell

April 19, 2020

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Coming from Birmingham, UK, Jane H. was born in Italy.

And we can feel this heat running in her blood and in the sincerity of her voice.

As we're all facing tough times, all around the world, we now have all the time to think.

Think about ourselves, and reconnect with our mind.

And this is the message of this magical song.

You probably already heard about the fact that, when you put a seashell right next to your ear, you can hear the ocean's calling.

So, the song is about reconnecting with yourself. Perfect timing!

Believe it or not, "Seashell" is her first release ever.

Incredible, isn't it? It seems like the artist has already released several albums and has a big career, maybe like Celine Dion.

Her voice is an incredibly powerful tool, and she masters it perfectly.

Every single note is at its place.

Sung on a beautiful melody, the stunning lyrics totally took us into her universe.

And this magical moment, just right before 3:00, when the song takes off, and offers a clearly... breathtaking final part!

Jane H. shows all the power of her voice with magical vocal flights, and carries a lot of powerful emotions until... chills.

Here we are. We don't regret, at all, having chose powerful emotions and chills as our main concept.

You now perfectly understand why. To feature such amazing songs.

A new gem that you will find in our April 2020 Spotify playlist.


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