Magdalia - Shy to Shine

May 04, 2021

"Shy To Shine" is the new single from Australian singer Magdalia. It opens with some very powerful piano chords, which on their own can already trigger the shivers if you are sensitive to music. And when we discover Magdalia's voice a few seconds later, the magic begins to operate.

We can obviously say that Magdalia has a gift. Both for writing and singing. If you too are fighting with your demons and don't dare to shine, this song might help you! "Maybe I can love me, even with nobody listening". Magdalia's words are strong and powerful.

Needless to say that we fell in love with this track, both for its addictive melody and for the performer. The beauty of "Shy To Shine" is amazing, and listen after listen, you are going to get hooked. To be honest, we even had a hard time stopping and we killed the replay button.

It looks like Australia has some nice messages of positivity to convey to us these days. Remember, on Friday we introduced you to Trentan. And tomorrow, we will go back to Australia again! Well done Australia! You are far away, but we love you!

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