Kolby Knickerbocker - Over and Over

February 10, 2021

From the first second of "Over and Over", we take a slap. It is a kind of gospel choir that welcomes you. This incredible choir that we will hear throughout the song. And the most incredible part of all this? There is no choir! It was Kolby, himself, who recorded 15 vocal tracks to form this larger-than-life choir. 

This already gives you an idea of the creativity of our artist, who is already a regular at Indie Music Center, since he has already come to see us several times.

If you like declarations of love, "Over and Over" is one. With such power that the recipient of the message will only be able to fall to his/her knees in front of you.

In a resolutely folk universe, the song has been worked on to the smallest detail. The production, which seems simple, is not, it is even very extensive. Just through the backing vocals, which is already a huge job.

We already knew that Kolby was one of our most creative and amazing performers. But we really did not expect that.

"Over and Over" will warm your heart, and give you a little hope in this somewhat lost world. And above all, light (we lack a little).

Included in our "Indie Folk" playlist, and of course, you will now hear this amazing track on the Indie Music Radio.

Kolby's point of view :

Commitment. Stability. Love. A testament that no matter how difficult it gets, no matter how strong the emotion, no matter the challenge, I’ll always be there. That’s the message I wanted to send to my wife in the song, “Over and Over.” To reinforce the message, I recorded 15 separate vocal parts to recreate a gospel choir effect. The result is intimate, raw, and powerful.

This song is very special to me as I think of my daughter and son when I hear the lyrics. Knowing that they will one day feel the emotion that I have for their mother, my wife, and knowing that they will one day be able to really hear the dedication that we had as a couple is very personal and special to me.

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More about Kolby:

Knickerbocker started his professional musical career early on, releasing his first album with Kitty’s Musicbox (2004) as a sophomore in college. He has since released an additional full-length album Red Dust (2015) and two EPs, Rodello’s Machine (2012) and Animus (2016).

Nate Donnis who’s received industry attention from the BBC's series “Skins” and the PBS series “Roadtrip Nation,” appeared on Rodello’s Machine. Knickerbocker has received critical acclaim from industry tastemakers including Indie Shuffle and KCRW. 

His music has been featured in television shows like MTV’s Degrassi High, 90210, Heart Signal, and Barely Breathing.


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