Kolby Knickerbocker - Everything I Am

April 02, 2021

And here's the fourth appearance on IMC for Kolby Knickerbocker. And you can be sure it won't be the last. This artist amazes me every time. His talent and creativity are truly amazing and he has a very strong artistic personality.

This song is about dedication. Today's health environment makes us think about who we are and what is most important to us. And in the end, we all come to the same conclusion: we must take advantage of every moment spent with our loved ones:

"It’s about dedication to being present, to being the best father that I can. That my best attempt at stopping time is being present for the limited time that I have. That when my children need me, I will be there. That I will hold them up if they ask, and always be there for them. My time with them is precious, and I will do whatever I can to make every moment with her last."

Kolby Knickerbocker's "Everything I am" brings us back to basics. Between Americana and indie-folk, the song fits perfectly into the artist's acoustic landscape. Taken from his "Over And Over" EP, which is also released today,

"Everything I am" is definitely the quintessential peaceful song that falls right on a Friday to relax and unwind. Again, just like in his previous single "Over And Over, he managed to create exceptional vocal harmonies in a Gospel style. Certainly a little less powerful on this one, but still present, and the cello really adds another dimension to his music.

Accompanied by Sharong Gerber playing cello, the artist once again delivers a magical and timeless performance. That's it: as if time stood still. If you like to pause and reconnect with yourself, this song is the perfect anthem. You are now ready to spend a relaxed and relaxed weekend.

The artist is now on the threshold of the "IMC Certified Artists" door. His next visit to our platform will mark his entry into this now highly coveted circle, where our artists support each other and exchange their ideas, their projects, their promotion tips, and above all: their passion.

Kolby Knickerbocker has become one of my favorite artists and 2021 may well be HIS year.

You can have a listen to the full EP here:

Included in our "Indie Folk" Spotify playlist.

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