Kirk Ross

June 27, 2018

Here is an incredible artist from Pasadena, please welcome Kirk Ross in your heart. His new album is called "Cartwheel", and it's a mosaic of different universes, and all of them are amazing. "My Love" is an ode to happiness, on a very happy and catchy melody. Dedicated to his wife, "I Stand By" is much more calm and intimate. A breathtaking love declaration. Much more powerful, "Kaideryn" offers you a mystical ballad. "The Everything", very sunny, gives you the touch of good mood you needed. "Adiaua" closes the album in a wonderful way, and on a very positive note.  On this album, the singer shares his experiences, his fears, his doubts, his experiences. And it's a real success. It's very well written. Beautifully sung. Perfectly produced. On an album, there are always bad tracks. Well. Not really "bad" tracks, it's not the right word, but maybe tracks you like less than others. It's not the case with "Cartwheel". What a lovely surprise! We loved every single track!! And we warmly recommend to stream it and buy it! Available on Spotify and iTunes.