Karyn Ann - Wasting Time

September 21, 2021

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I just got back from a bit of a hiatus which if you know my life is a pretty big departure from the normal commitments and grind of daily life. I mean, I took a vacation... but ALSO, I dropped off of social media (mostly) and although I was inspired - I didn’t write a thing musically. I completely renewed myself in my own beloved, and came out on the other end better than I came into it. I’ve heard this new phrase popping up everywhere (okay well it’s not all that new) — “Yolo!” Or, “You only live once”. I think it’s an appropriate reminder that our own mental sanity depends on sometimes, doing nothing (important) at all! To some - stopping to smell the roses so speak, is a waste of time! Ironically - I found just the opposite to be true.

It was within this backdrop that I discovered this week's Artist Pick! Karyn Ann, (based out of Portland, Oregon) just released a brand new single called “Wasting Time” (9/17/21); a mellow, soulful tune about “living life to the fullest, being open to second chances, and remembering the inner child that resides in us all”. The track is featured in the indie short “Second Story”, which won Best Romantic Short at the Independent Shorts Awards. Karyn Ann discussed with me how it came about. “I was commissioned by Dodge Media Productions to write the main theme song for the film. I based the lyrics of the song around the idea that humans can’t be everything all time, we all need help from time to time to actually become/feel whole. I also thought about how life is too short to limit yourself in aspects of love and/or happiness, and that you should pursue what brings you joy. And lastly, we all should remember and celebrate our child-like selves, when we were carefree, innocent, and hopeful. Second chances are there, you just need to be open to and pursue them.

Wasting Time" has a melodious feel to it, like floating down a mountain stream. The Lyrics take some really cool unexpected twists which to me is the spice to the tune. My personal favorite, “If you’re always looking down, You’ll never step on a crack, But you’ll miss all the living that you can’t get back." The 3/4 time guitar riff is catchy and hooks you throughout the song. The bridge takes on more of an edge, with electric guitar offering a counter melody and building on the theme.

Karyn Ann took her first steps into songwriting in her early teens. “I had always been a singer, but didn't really have a way to accompany myself, so I decided to pick up the guitar, and once I learned 3-4 chords, I was off writing… Songwriting became an important outlet for me to share my thoughts and feeling, and express what didn't come out in just normal conversation”.

In discussing her songwriting process, Karyn Ann explains that more often than not, her lyrical idea “feeds into the tonal qualities and melodies as a song takes shape”. Collaborations are new ground for her. “I had started writing this tune on my own, then in September my partner Douglas Allen and I finished the tune, co-writing the bridge, lyrics and chord progression, as well as rearranging the chorus. He also played/wrote the electric guitar parts for the tune. We were going for a little indie-folk feel, like Rosie Thomas, Phoebe Bridgers, Laura Marling”. 

Karyn Ann’s instruments of choice have been guitar and piano, she says, “Lately I've been experimenting with synth pads and electronic elements, and made the switch to playing electric guitar from listening to artists like Phoebe Bridgers, Fiona Apple, and Madi Diaz.”

Her plans for the future include finishing her EP started in 2019. “It’s more of an indie/rock-soul EP, very different tones and moods of my previous work. I’m also hoping to start working on another EP of songs that I wrote over the pandemic. So there’s lots of my plate and I’m excited for what’s to come!

Something not everyone knows about Karyn Ann is that she holds a master's degree in geology! “I love rocks! Many jokes that I’m a bonafide “Rock Star” because of my rock-hounding background!

So take a listen to Karyn Ann’s newest single “Wasting Time”, along with her growing body of work. You most certainly won’t find it to be a waste of time! And if you haven’t already done so, please follow her by clicking the green button above and be sure to listen to her other great songs on Spotify. You will also enjoy her live performance of "The Warmth" at McMenamins Mission Theater, in Portland, Oregon.

Also, be sure to check out “Fresh Indie" and our "Artist Pick" Spotify playlists to give her and our other great artists a listen, and make sure you follow the playlists below to discover incredible new music every day.

Written by Joe.



Everyone has a little bit 

Of what someone else needs 

The north to the south, the with or without 

The loss and the hurt, and the glad to be found 

So stop wasting your time 

So stop wasting your time 

The world can get real small 

If you’re always looking down 

You’ll never stop on a crack

But you’ll miss all the living that you can’t get back

So stop wasting your time 

So stop wasting your time 

Your happiness is not a one hit wonder 

Give yourself a second chance 

Remember the child who once was 

And let it dance 

So stop wasting your time 

So stop wasting your time 

So stop wasting your time 


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