Justina Ward - Under My Skin

February 15, 2022

On February 17, 2021, we introduced you to Justina Ward with her single "Drifter". A year later, she's back on IMC with a brand new single "Under My Skin", released last Friday.

And what a change! Australian-based artist (Adelaide) gave us an incredible slap with this new release. With a very heavy atmosphere where the singer expresses her raw emotions, the first minute of the song is very cinematic and seems to draw a rather dark setting. Then the first chorus lets glimpse hope for a possibility of a "second chance", on a brighter melody and much softer vocals. But Justina is a fighter, doesn't give up that easily, and is even more convincing in the second verse, during which the tension is reinstalled. And the brightness returns with the next chorus. This alternation of darkness and light is absolutely stunning. But that's nothing compared to the bridge, where the vocal performance leading to an intense final chorus is incredibly breathtaking. Between frenzied piano and violin, and powerful vocal harmonies, this chorus is very emotional and will convince you that Justina Ward belongs on IMC. Aren't we all about powerful emotions, after all?

When a relationship ends, there are a lot of questions. But the one that comes up most often is "whose fault is it? Me, or you?". This causes dizzying torment, and can lead to even deeper questions. We sometimes fall into questioning our own actions or decisions. And that's what this piece of art is all about.

Despite a song whose length exceeds the average, (almost five minutes), time flies and we are left with a feeling of "oh, already over?". When an artist succeeds in triggering this question deep within you, the bet is won. Intense, playing with the intensities and nuances of our most contrasting feelings, between anger and hope, "Under My Skin" is a perfect title for this song. The inner journey is seductive and we let ourselves be caught up in the game very easily.

The sweetness and innocence of "Drifter" seem more than a year behind. We are facing a more mature artist, more in tune with her emotions and her vulnerability, and who is not afraid to express them frankly. Special shout-out to the wonderful team of talented musicians who helped Justina on this new track: Jeff Cooper on bass guitar, Andy Barr / Jeff Cooper on piano, Ben Crockford on drums, Bex Rennie on cello, and Dani Richardson on violin. They all brought, by small touch, what gives to this song its majestic relief. This successful teamwork leads me to think that it's always better to work in unity than in isolation.

But music is not her only card: Justina is also very comfortable on screen, and you will have the honor of seeing her in a Netflix series called "Gymnastics Academy: A Second Chance!", available later this year. And the Bakehouse Theater in Adelaide will open its doors to her in April - May 2022, where she will perform the role of Stella.

It looks like Justina Ward will continue to wow us for a long time to come. And not just in music. This new single is a great insight into her amazing abilities.

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Written with love by Niko. "Under My Skin" has been added to our "Indie Music" playlist on Spotify.