Jordan Rose - Alibi

April 30, 2021

What strikes us when we start listening to "Alibi" is the incredible voice of Jordan Rose. Ah! What freshness! The voice alone was enough to bewitch us in less than ten seconds. When the magic happens so quickly, that's a pretty good sign.

The bass line is powerful, and when the chorus appears, we understand the whole emotional dimension of the track. The voice, the poetic, and very cinematic lyrics propel us directly into a very accomplished musical universe. I immediately imagined myself listening to this song in the sun, lying on the lawn.

A feeling of freedom and freshness will invade you, and make you feel as if anything is possible. We forgot the masks and social distancing. For four minutes, we were on cloud nine.

Magnificent, refreshing, and exotic. We've needed a track like this for too long.

Added to our Spotify Playlist and played daily on Indie Music Center's Radio.

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