John Nicholas - Rely

July 06, 2018

You really loved John Nicholas in February when he released the song "No Man Is An Island". For sure, you will love his new EP, called "What My Eyes Fail to See", which is out today. He sent us the song "Rely", a beautiful love declaration. "Let me rely on you" says the artist, with his unique voice. John really has a unique vocal signature, and you can easily recognize his voice among thousands. That's a huge advantage for an artist. The song is exactly what we're looking for. You already know our concept : powerful emotions. Here they are! John only sent us "Rely" but we wanted to let you know about the whole EP. This is definitely an artist to watch in 2018 : only five tracks, but five gems. The final part of "No Man Is an Island" left us speechless in February, but the other tracks are also amazing! This EP is really full of good surprises, powerful emotions and, what we love the most : chills. You will find a big sincerity in John's interpretation. His writing is full of quality and the melodies are catchy. We can't expect more from an artist : making us fly. Just put your headphones, and hit the play button. Then, hit it again. Until you kill it.