Foresteater - Unbutton

14 juillet 2018

After "Avalanche" in January, and "Pretend Land" in April, Foresteater returns with a new single. Mikey and his team have managed again to create a powerful, dynamic, and captivating track. The melody is very catchy, again, and we can't wait for the album to come. This is the second time they release a single on Friday the 13th, and it's still a success! The singer's voice, alone, is enough to create a unique world and give to the sound of Foresteater a special and authentic atmosphere. As soon as we hear that voice singing, we know it's Foresteater. There are not two voices like that. Mikey says that this song was born at 4 am, when he couldn't sleep. We wish him many beautiful sleepless nights, because it's worth not sleeping, if it's for creating a musical gem, every time! Included in our "Indie Rock" playlist on Spotify.