Jenny Colquitt - Shape

August 13, 2021

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Don't panic, you are not hallucinating or seeing double. Have you ever seen this pretty girl somewhere? Or do you feel like you've heard this incredible voice before? It's normal, we already introduced you to Jenny Colquitt last week, since she just released "Tornado" with her group ELY.

It is now solo that we invite you to discover her with her new single "Shape" which highlights mental health issues in beauty. An emotionally powerful song, which perfectly matches the voice of the London singer. Although she mentioned Alanis Morissette or Adele in her influences, when I hear the chorus of "Shape", I can only recall good memories. Because it takes me back to 15 years ago, when we discovered the same energy with Kelly Clarkson. And vocally, we are not very far.

But Jenny has that little extra touch of authenticity which means that you can only fall in love with her music. Her honest interpretation and perfectly mastered writing have made her a solid fan base. We have been following her for several months on Twitch, and we have been able to find in Jenny someone generous, who does not count her time to satisfy her audience.

Very comfortable vocally, the singer delivers in "Shape" an incomparable performance, and once again proves to us that the piano + electric guitar combo works perfectly with the emotions. Thrills are guaranteed thanks to a powerful and catchy melody that won't want to leave your head for hours.

And you can trust us, having programmed music on the radio for almost 20 years, you can tell when a song has potential. And this one could explode everything.

Looking for a song to go up the hill? You found it. Thank you, Jenny.

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Written by Niko.


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