HECKYL - Bubblegum

August 27, 2021

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Have you ever been someone's toy? Be careful, I'm not talking about something dirty here, but if you feel like you've ever been a stop-gap or a passing occupation, you'll probably recognize yourself in HECKYL's new single.

HECKYL is Luke Potter's new musical project, which we have already told you about. Much more electronic and much more liberated, this new character fits him like a glove. In a musical universe much more pop and tangier, there is no doubt that "Bubblegum", his new single which was released today, proves once again that Luke is at ease in all styles.

With a super catchy melody, the message is crystal clear on the chorus: "I'm just your bubblegum, cause you chew me and spit me out when you want your fun, I know you call me when the sun goes down". The artist, therefore, bends to the rules of the game set by the other, because he knows that after all, his heart will be broken again.

What we appreciate with "Bubblegum" is the quality of each musical element, selected with a lot of attention, and the production which is carried out down to the smallest detail. It is this perfectionist side that HECKYL masters to perfection and we can only expect quality from it. We know he works hard and will never release a song if it isn't perfect. You will notice the clean and well-placed backing vocals, and the discreet electric guitar which gives the chorus that little touch of light in a rather dark lyrical atmosphere.

This is the power of HECKYL, succeeding in transforming shadow into light. The fifth single with this moniker, and the artist already benefits from an addictive side. The more purists will think that IMC is completely screwed up because we generally fall for the more organic and acoustic instruments, but we care more about the quality than the labels. It's pretty easy to stick a label on an artist without digging, and artists who walk through the decades are the ones who have been able to adapt. Take the example of Coldplay and hear the difference between "The Scientist" and "A Sky Full of Stars". Did the fans let them down? ;)

Luke has won this bet. To start again from zero, in a new musical universe, chaining the successes. We wish him all the best for this new single, even if for us, it has a tiny flaw: 2 minutes 30 is too short.

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Written by Niko.


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