Hazlett - Oh Downhill

September 23, 2022

Only a month after having featured "Everybody Hates Me" on IMC, whose catchy chorus continues to run through our heads, Hazlett brings us a completely different new single.

"Oh Downhill" is a fascinating track, with a rather dark universe, which reveals the worst of human nature, as the artist confides: "I don't know what is ingrained in human nature that makes us run back to things that are bad for us, people that don't like us or compare ourselves to strangers' lives".

A song that we can easily relate to. We have all had the experience of trusting someone who has let us down. And yet, sometimes without even knowing why, we go back to them. As if our subconscious ignores what has already happened, knowing that the situation can happen again. On the one hand, isn't that called forgiveness?

Here is a song that makes you think about the nature of the relationships we have in this crazy world where everything goes very quickly, as the artist perceives it very well: "When you look back after a moment like this happens it's so confusing". And he expresses it wonderfully in the most powerful line of the chorus: "Makes no sense why I cared about you".

Would human nature, therefore, be on the side of forgiveness? It's the kind of contradiction you experience when you're in a toxic relationship with someone. Even if it hurts, we keep thinking about it constantly, sometimes to the point of obsession, as Hazlett describes it so well: "But in that moment it's all you can care about and all you can focus on . This song is a little homage to this broken little world we are all trying to swim in".

Accompanied by a very professional music video, directed by Maren Langer (you can watch it above), "Oh Downhill" is an excellent taste of a full-length album that will be released for the new year. We can't wait!

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