Hawke The Band - Gonna Be Alright

February 03, 2021

Let's go to London to meet Hawke, a brand new band originally from Dublin, as "Gonna Be Alright" is their debut release. And it's even quite hard to believe that this is only a first single, as the enormous quality is there. Having worked for 20 years in radio stations, I can tell you that if a powerful chorus comes before the first-minute mark, it's won. The listener is won over. That's what happened to us with this track and its fabulous hook.

The band was rocked by bands like The Verve in the 90s and you can clearly feel that influence. Indeed, during the first listen and the explosive finale, we immediately thought of that time. Then we discovered their pitch and "The Verve" was mentioned. Richie and Eoghan's first demos were recorded at Abbey Road Studios in London. Yes, the famous Beatles studio. We understand the quality better now!

On "Gonna Be Alright", the vocal harmonies are wonderful, and of course, the lyrics are amazing. Full of optimism (we really need it right now!), the song will warm your heart without you noticing it. The build is amazing and the song gives us a very intense emotional wave. The rather calm intro leaves us with difficulty to imagine such fireworks of goosebumps.

Hawke is a promising band, and we'll have to count on them in 2021. You will hear from them. Having heard over 20K tracks for the blog, I can assure you that this level of quality is rarely achieved with a debut single. It's boring that we can't travel so much anymore, because it makes us want to go for a walk in London. And to see them playing live.

Even though the song has a rather "standard" length to be played on the radio, when it comes to the end, it almost feels like it was too short. And it's a good sign.

Included in our "Indie Rock" playlist, and of course, you will now hear this amazing track on the Indie Music Radio.

Hawke The Band's point of view :

Richie: We went for an uplifting melancholic anthem with this one. I don’t think lyrically it’s been any more relevant than what it is now during this pandemic – and, with another lockdown being announced, we figured it made sense for us to release it now.

Eoghan: We wrote this song on a warm June afternoon, but at a time when personally I was feeling quite dejected and not in the finest of moods. The last thing I wanted to do was write songs, but we pushed ahead. About an hour later this little baby was written. I think that’s as good an epitome of life as you’ll get. Sometimes you just have to plough forwards, even if life is kicking you in the balls, Eventually it pays off.

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More about Hawke The Band :

The young Dublin act was formed by two friends in the shadow of the world-famous Guinness Brewery (in the south of the city) and features Richie Power (vocals/keyboards) and Eoghan MacMahon (vocals/guitar). Irish rock legends Aslan quickly declared themselves major fans, with frontman Christy Dignam even proclaiming Hawke The Band “the next big thing” to emerge from a country that consistently punches above its weight in terms of quality music. Currently based in London, the Irish duo is coming out fighting this year - “Gonna Be Alright” is the first of twelve new singles that Hawke The Band plan to release monthly throughout 2021.

After recording initial home demos in Richie’s bedroom, the pair hit upon a plan to send their demo-tape to a hit-list of the industry’s top producers. Within days, the cunning plan paid off and Richie & Eoghan found themselves recording their newly-written songs during precious studio time at both Abbey Road and Metropolis Studios in the capital.

One of the tracks from these initial London recording sessions (“What About Love”) was entered into a competition to win the chance to play as special guests of local heroes Aslan at Dublin’s 5,000 capacity Iveagh Gardens, a prize which Richie & Eoghan were astonished to win, despite there being 500+ entries from hopeful acts. Hawke The Band were thrilled to follow in the footsteps of previous Aslan openers such as Gavin James and Damien Dempsey, playing to a packed hometown audience in late 2019.

Hawke The Band followed that huge local show with a raft of UK summer festival slots, playing alongside other young breakout acts such as Jake Bugg and Tom Grennan before Covid-19 sadly put an abrupt halt to live performance last year. Richie & Eoghan have used their lockdown time wisely, spending much of 2020 furiously writing and recording songs that will form the bedrock of their intensive 2021 release campaign - further news will be announced soon via their website.


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