Hawke The Band - Molly

April 02, 2021

We introduced you to Hawke in early February, with "Gonna Be Alright", a very uplifting track, and we're glad that they're back with a brand new single called "Molly".

Richie & Eoghan, from Dublin, have yet succeeded in creating a new masterpiece. In the first verse with a rather mysterious atmosphere, where the bass mingles with incredible vocals highlighted by a slight reverb, we do not guess what awaits us a few seconds later.

An amazing chorus, where our two Irishmen give everything: vocal power, catchy melody, effective lyrics, and the result is there: we shake our heads. And we have an incredible impression of escaping.

We are going to have our 3rd lockdown, which starts tomorrow, and for 4 weeks, and we needed the motivation to face it. This song came just in time.

As Richie said, "Molly is the name we gave to a girl who sadly broke Eoghan's heart after a one-night romance." And Eoghan added: "I’d really like to find Molly. Molly, if you read this, text me back."

If you've lost your love recently, or things aren't going well, or as you expected, "Molly" is a song that will speak to you. In a time when everyone finds themselves isolated, such an anthemic song is always welcome.

Included in our "Indie Rock" Spotify playlist.

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