Gold Spectacles - Lothario

November 13, 2020

Our thoughts about the song :

You know, we like to offer you music that is totally different from what you hear on the radio. After all, that's what you are here for! So here's a little pop gem from the UK. A real pearl! A very dancing chorus, attractive, and above all which stays in your head... for hours! After having accumulated more than 3 million streams on Spotify, the English duo returns, after a year of silence, with this new track just released on Friday. But who is Lothario? In reality, it's a fictional character. But whose identity speaks to everyone: the kind of person who conceals their true personality, like by wearing a mask (it's just an image, of course). A rather hot topic, therefore, like a call to distrust, which contrasts strongly with the playful and joyful melody of the song. But we like this kind of contrast, it's a guarantee of quality. The art and the way of mastering these nuances are among the great qualities of our artists. And Gold Spectacles have those qualities. An exceptional band, to discover quickly! "Lothario" has been added in our "Indie Pop" playlist, and of course, you will now hear this amazing track on the Indie Music Radio.

Gold Spectacles point of view :

We like to write a certain degree of juxtaposition into our songs. ‘Lothario’ is an upbeat track on the surface but if you dig deeper, you discover it’s riddled with dark undertones and flawed characters. This reflects the narrator's blind love for Lothario despite his obvious insincerity. We wrote ‘Lothario’ in Norwegian countryside just before lockdown and completed the final version at our own studio, Gold Spectacles HQ, a few months later. The isolation of 2020 allowed us to reflect on the core elements of the track and strip away any distractions.

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Favouring a DIY approach, Gold Spectacles make baroque-pop. Sharing the writing, recording and production responsibilities, and creating their accompanying artwork, the multi-instrumentalist duo do everything “in-house”. Their sonic palette toes the line between electronic and organic landscapes, blending the two parallels with an overarching focus on the craft and delivery of a song. Their 2019 eponymous debut album was well received, achieving notable Spotify playlistings (Chill Vibes, All New Indie and New Music Friday UK), gathering support from radio (BBC 6 Music, KCRW, Amazing Radio, CISM 89.3, etc) and blogs including Indie Shuffle, EARMILK, Hillydilly, Line of Best Fit. This support has led the duo to the top of the Hype Machine on multiple occasions. In addition to their own artist project, Gold Spectacles also work as writer/producers on various other projects. Most recently, Gold Spectacles have been working with 2020 Ivor Novello Winner, Mysie having writing and production credits on much of her recent work.


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