Gold Spectacles - How To Make A Million

January 16, 2023

We met Gold Spectacles in November 2020 when they released the incredibly catchy pop song "Lothario".

"How to Make a Million" is the latest single from UK-based duo Gold Spectacles, a song that is both an emotional and personal journey for the band. Written and recorded in the duo's South London studio, the song is a blend of analog synths, interweaving guitar lines, a whimsical mellotron, and Amie's heartfelt lead vocal.

The band stated on their latest Instragram post that the song is the most difficult and truthful one they have ever composed. It is about the aftermath of the death of Amie's father, who passed away in a motorcycle accident in 2017.

The song tells the story of the loss of a parent, something that is both unexpected and devastating. The lyrics are raw and honest, capturing the emotions of grief and the difficulty of coming to terms with the loss. The band's frontwoman speaks about the song, saying "Nothing can prepare you for the loss of a parent. The hollowness, the emptiness, the unfinished conversations, the unexpected guilt."

It's definitely a powerful example of how artists can use their personal experiences to express grief and convey deep emotions through their music, as this one is a powerful and emotional journey that showcases the band's raw talent and ability to tell a story. It's also crazy how they can manage to create a very catchy melody, especially in the chorus, that really contrasts with the pretty sad and emotional lyrics.

"How to Make a Million" is the second single from Gold Spectacles' upcoming EP, which is set to be released in May 2023. The release of this EP will be eagerly anticipated by fans and music lovers alike.

Also, it's worth knowing that the duo is also producing music for amazingly talented artists. You can find their work on their website.

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