Gaspar Sanz - On My Mind

July 26, 2020

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They already came to see us in April with their incredible "Cheryl" song, about a cat!

Our joyful favourite band from Australia is back with a new single, called "On My Mind".

Despite a pretty dark cover artwork, and serious lyrics, the song relies on a very catchy melody.

James, the frontman, explained the that song was about choices:

"The choice that you can rise up against the things in life that knock you down and use what holds you there as a power to motivate.

A power to help others and yourself."

Rather different than "Cheryl", the chorus has more long sung notes, and an incredibly powerful chorus.

These guys has such different ways to make music.

But it will always lead you to the same result : a smile upon your face.

And that's why we love them so much.

If you miss The Killers or Stereophonics biggest tracks of the noughties, you'll be very pleased to listen to this new gem by Gaspar Sanz.

And we're very delighted to share this track !

Included in our "Indie Pop Anthems" playlist.

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