Gaspar Sanz - Cheryl

April 07, 2020

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Who would have thought that, one day, for our 700th feature, we would offer you a song about a cat?

Very funny, the new single from the Australian band Gaspar Sanz, "Cheryl", evokes a cat of the same name who was hanging out on the roof of their building, and which they ended up adopting.

And you can even hear this cat's meowing directly in the song.

It took Jimmy half an hour to capture this sound, running behind the cat. Original!

Once the anecdote has been told, we can focus on the production quality of the song.

Very sunny, dancing, and even summery, "Cheryl" is a real gem that will make you dance from the first minute.

Because Cheryl, despite her great age, had undeniable emotional qualities. And the song draws a little parallel between human and feline relationships.

A little gem of originality that fits perfectly to our brand new Spotify playlist called "Indie Pop Anthems", and in our April 2020 Spotify playlist.


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