Friday Releases Oct 4, 2019

04 octobre 2019

Tummyache - Commonplace

What if we started smoothly? Here we go, with Tummyache, an alternative rock project from Nashville (not really surprising, isn't it?), imagined by Soren Bryce. Her vocals reminds us of The Cardigans old projects and that's fine. The track is a kind of crescendo. Like an innocent ballad which rises until an epic ending. And God knows how much we love that kind of build. Each instrument is in its place. The rhythmic is heady and we immediately adhere to the concept. A melancholic side that is not unpleasant, a relaxed atmosphere that wakes up at the end, and here we are propelled into the wonderful world of Tummyache. When the track is over, you just think "What? Already?"! Definitely, Nashville still has a lot of talents to offer.


Mannequin Online - I Remember

Would you like to take a piece of summer again? Here we are! This new single, by Mannequin Online is the perfect match. We don't really know where they come from (they're from USA, at least), but we totally understand where they wanted to bring us with their music. From the first notes, we know we will have a good time. The voice is clear and pure, and the melody is very catchy. Then the rhythm comes and your head starts to swing. That's the magic power of music, and they've got a perfect understanding of how to handle it. The production is proper and very clean. No excuse not to add it to your favorites. You're warned : you may kill the replay button.


Norton - Changes

Still want summer? Let's go to Portugal now to discover Norton, an amazing band which has already released four albums (yes!) and toured in Europe and even Japan. How is it possible that we didn't heard about them before?! Well, it's never too late, and here is their brand new single, called "Changes". A perfect indie pop track to get back to summer, where perfect vocals are carried by a very catchy melody. We're pretty sure that you will have the lyrics running in your head during all the week-end! It's fresh, and we loved it so much that it was impossible not to share it a couple hours after the release. You can follow all the band news on their Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


Mojave Nomads - Is This Real?

Let's go to Utah now to meet Mojave Nomads, a 5-piece alt-rock band who succeed in making our head shaking from the first seconds with their brand new single "Is This Real?". It's luminous, bright, shiny. Well, you got the idea. It made our day. It really sounds professional, from the writing, to the melody. A proper and clean mastering for this little gem. The band will be a part of the College Radio Day tonight by playing at The Cache. Sometimes, we would like to be on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean! We advise you to have a listen to their "Phases" EP, out last year. You will find some other incredible tracks there. And the good thing is : they're really young, so we will be able to hear from them for years :)