Friday Releases Nov 1, 2019

November 01, 2019

Carina T - Bucket List

Who said girls have no place? It has been proven to you many times. Here is another proof with Carina T, who comes from London with her frenzied rock and her catchy melodies. With a powerful and heady chorus, the artist sends us all the power one expects from a good rock song. With verses with a slightly different rhythm, an intelligent and neat writing, we have here all the ingredients to make a hit. The song is about always following your dreams, no matter what others think about it. This is what the artist did, and she was right, because it does! It would have been a shame to miss it. Girls are too rare in this area. And when it's done well, you have to show it. So, if you like, share!


Modern Adventures - Sorceress

In general, from the first seconds of listening, we know immediately whether a song will land on our blog or not. And for this track, it was the direct click, from the first notes. The perfect mix of a warm voice and an attractive melody. A very pleasant little guitar sound that completes a pleasant atmosphere. The title, tells "a love story, intrigue and mystery that goes with it. It highlights the captivating traits that make this person irresistible, the quirks you discover and that make them love more deeply, and the things that leave you wanting more", as the band Modern Avdentures confides, from Michigan. And the song is aptly named. There is something bewitching about this gem that makes us want to listen to it again and again. Well done guys!


Aaron B. Thompson - Back To Where We Started

After London and Michigan, we travel a lot today, and we drop our bags in Canada for four minutes with Aaron B. Thompson , and his song that captivated us. With a simple but effective chorus and a soft and warm voice, we were won over by the relaxing universe of this song. Perfect for a holiday, right? The artist went through a very difficult period, experienced alcoholism, and came out after 3 years of treatment. A very beneficial return to life, which inspired this song where he asks if we could pick up where we had started. A very beautiful message of hope therefore, and further proof that if alcohol does not solve problems, music does it very well.


The Caracals - Dust & Honey

We continue on a slightly more rock note, with The Caracals . The name appears to be a band name. So who do you think is behind this wonderful guitar playing? And behind this hard-hitting battery? And behind this perfectly mastered song? The answer lies in one person: Johnny Cisneros. Coming from California, the artist offers us an explosive mix, between The Black Keys and The Clash, in this track with controlled power from start to finish. A melody that sends heavy, and remains in the skull like a curse. The day after Halloween, we can say that it is timely. But we cant more curses like these :)


Damien McFly - My Cure

What about a cure in Italy, to end our trip? I bet you can imagine yourself already in a restaurant with pizza and pasta? Missed. And fortunately! Today, we meet Damien McFly, and its indie folk universe tinged with beauty. And what a pleasure to discover this artist. You see, we had told you: the radios lock us in a cocoon and we are only made to listen to 1% of the existing music. Because Italy is not just about Laura Pausini, Umberto Tozzi or Tiziano Ferro. Here is yet another proof. In "My Cure", our new favorite Italian invites us not to let ourselves be hurt by what life brings to us, but on the contrary to always save the other when we get lost, no matter what. A beautiful message carried by a sublime melody and a powerful voice, which will make you succumb. Do not hesitate to take a look on his Spotify to discover his album, and also his brilliant covers of international hits with Folk sauce.