Friday Releases Feb 5, 2021

February 05, 2021

ADGY - Lighter

Yes, I totally agree with you. We're not used to hearing this kind of more electronic sound on Indie Music Center. But when I heard ADGY's amazing voice, I couldn't resist. It's decidedly pop, with a dash of electro, to be clear. The vocal harmonies are delicious on the choruses and the lyrics are spellbinding.

Before I even read the bio, I immediately thought of Sam Smith. ADGY has the same sensitivity in his voice and conveys emotions just as effectively. You probably won't realize it, but believe me, with professional headphones, there are countless production details that make this song exceptionally beautiful.

Originally from Donegal, Ireland (which is probably one of the most charming cities in this incredible country), the artist offers us unfailing emotion, and without artifice.

If you want even more electronic and danceable sound, go to his Spotify, where his two previous singles will seduce you.

In any case, on our side, we can not wait to discover the rest. ADGY is our "lighter" (if you allow me the pun), which illuminates this beginning of the year.

Included in our "Indie Pop" playlist, and of course, you will now hear this amazing track on the Indie Music Radio.

ADGY's point of view :

The tracks that are coming out at the beginning of next year are very personal but I feel like people will be able to connect with them as I bare my heart on my sleeve and refused to filter the emotion behind the lyrics.

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More about ADGY :

Irish singer-songwriter ADGY is one of Irelands' upcoming singer/songwriters and is set to be releasing a number of singles in 2021 which he has been working on for the past few years in his hometown in Donegal, Ireland. He is a prolific songwriter, producer, and performer with influences from Indie-Pop, EDM, and Folk. ADGY studied songwriting and music at the Bristol Institute of Modern Music and graduated with a BA Hons degree. After graduating from University he moved to London where he performed and gigged, he later returned to Ireland where he spent the past couple of years writing and developing his current sound as a songwriter and artist.

His influences include a wide range of artists from - Sam Smith, Bastille, Tate Mc Rae, The 1975, Lana Del Rey, MNEK, and Lewis Capaldi. In 2021 ADGY will be releasing a number of tracks that have already garnered interest from a number of major publishers and record labels. His solo debut single “Lighter” is set to be released in late January, which will be followed by several feature tracks throughout the year.


Jared Harper - About You

Now let's come back to the American continent, and take a walk in San Francisco. If you've watched season 18 of "The Voice", you might just recognize this unique voice. Jared Harper, on the chorus of "About You", with his long sung notes, directly reminded me of Oasis. But with so much more modernity!

Regarding Jared, you will also find magnificent pearls on his Spotify. And I don't know why, but it seems that the word "You" is a tradition in the titles of his songs: "Running After You", "Addicted to You", "If I Can't Have You", and now "About You".

Joking aside, I love the lightness of this track. You know, the kind of song you can listen to on the road, with your elbow resting on the car door. Yeah, the escape. That's what we've been missing a bit lately, and with "About You", for almost 3:30, I got away from it all.

The vocals are truly amazing here and, as an artist, it's a huge advantage that you can be recognized among thousands by your voice in just a second.

A sweet declaration of love, which does not ignite too much. it's still simple, but very effective. Written in only 10 minutes, which is a feat. There is not always a need to polish a song for months. The greatest hits were written very quickly. Yes, I used the word hit. Because when it comes to Jared Harper, I believe it. This song has real potential. And it can be addictive. Don't come and complain if you've got it on your mind all weekend. I would have warned you.

Included in our "Indie Rock" playlist, and played daily on the Indie Music Radio.

Jared's point of view :

The funny thing is that this song came to me very quickly one night at 3 am. I wrote it all down in about 10 minutes. The chord and strum pattern felt so familiar, I thought maybe it was a song I already heard. That still lingers in the back of my mind but I have yet to find wherever that came from, or maybe it just came from the stars??

I have been holding onto this song for a couple of years now, waiting to find the right producer, and stumbled upon Josh Tyrrell. I knew where I wanted to go with it but just didn't know how to get there, and Josh and I just rode on the same wavelength from the start and he knew how to drive it home.

I have been wanting to get this song out there for such a long time so it feels good to get something out there and I am really proud of how this song turned out.

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More about Jared :

Having racked up over 640,000 views on YouTube following his blind audition on Season 18 of The Voice, Jared is an upcoming singer-songwriter you do not want to miss. Before performing on The Voice, Jared was headlining shows in San Francisco and touring cities like London and Los Angeles.

Since then, he has been on countless live streams, as a way to engage with fans and music lovers alike, including Soundwaves TV Banding Together Livestream, JaM Cellars (Sponsors of BottleRock Music Festival) Livestream, Homestyle Music Fest Livestream, to name a few. He also hopped on the radio as the Artist Feature Takeover for 99.7 The Vine and was their guest DJ.


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