Francis Moon - Two Worlds Apart

November 17, 2022

If you're used to keeping your feelings hidden deep inside, there are three things to know.

1. You are not alone.

2. It's always possible to change

3. This song is for you!

Today is the third time that we invite you to immerse yourself in the incredible musical universe of Francis Moon, a Swedish artist who is like French wine: he gets better with time. But let's be careful with metaphors because that doesn't mean that his previous releases aren't good, on the contrary. The artist, who started playing in bands at the age of 11, is a true music professional, who does everything himself.

Often imbued with melancholy, his songs are lucid and turned towards the world around us, with its joys and sorrows. And always with this clever mix of indie-pop and indie-folk which allows him to have a musical universe of his own, unique and authentic.

"Two Worlds Apart" is his new single, out last Friday via our friends at AlexrainbirdRecords, and features all the codes of a good Francis Moon song.

No need for a long intro, the artist invites us into his universe from the very first seconds with warm and comforting vocals, placed on our favorite mix: piano and acoustic guitar.

The chorus is absolutely catchy and invites us a little more to reflect. Remember, we were talking at the beginning of this article about the emotions we keep inside of us. This is precisely what the song is about, as Francis said:

"It's about being honest with yourself and speaking your mind in a relationship. It doesn't help to stay silent and wait for things to improve on their own, because doing so repeatedly makes the problem worse".

Very acoustic and organic, "Two Worlds Apart" is a wonderful song, with magnificent vocal harmonies and an always haunting atmospheric ambiance that invites the listener to reflect and disconnect for a while.

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