Francis Moon - Here We Are Now

November 20, 2020

For all those who feel like getting away from it all, there is a magical side to Francis Moon: just close your eyes and let yourself be carried away. His captivating melodies and vocal harmonies instantly bring us a feeling of peace and appeasement. And the specialists are not mistaken: it's not for nothing that Francis appears regularly with our friends of AlexrainbirdMusic on YouTube, and that he got signed with their label AlexrainbirdRecords. With each new track, Francis poetically draws his reveries and his deepest feelings. The song leaves us face to face with our desires, and our decisions, which sometimes can have an unexpected impact. A path that we didn't want to take at first can lead to some nice surprises. At this somewhat gloomy end of the year, let's stay positive. And thanks to this song, you will now have a little more motivation. Like a Christmas present in advance. Included in our "Indie Pop" playlist, and of course, you will now hear this amazing track on the Indie Music Radio.

Francis Moon's point of view :

'Here We Are Now' is a glimpse into past choices and “what could have beens”, and even though some decisions hurt, things do work out how they're meant to. Francis says “Sometimes life leads you to unexpected places away from what you originally wanted, but you realise that you've arrived at something you wanted even more.”

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Biography :

Francis Moon is a restless Swede that has recorded his debut album "Onwards" in one year while living in three different countries: Sweden, France, and the Netherlands. The album Onwards includes songs dealing with troubling events and intense personal emotions that have affected Francis Moon recently. Themes range from broken promises, independence to getting lost in endless spring nights, that sounds a bit typical-dull indie, right? Well, this one is different. Promise. Francis Moon has written, recorded, and produced everything, which offers his debut album its own personal depth. Influences for Francis Moon include, but are not limited to, bands like Bibio, Mew, Now, Now, and Sigur Rós. Despite the fact that Onwards is his debut album, Francis Moon is not a beginner in the music scene. Having played in several bands since the age of 11, most recently with I Used to Be a Sparrow, which have released two albums in Europe and Japan as well, followed by an extensive European tour. What the future holds for Francis Moon, no one knows. However, it is for sure going to be one bright waxing phase! So, allow curiosity to take hold, fall into introspective mind-sets, and let the sounds of Onwards take you on an ethereal adventure.


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