Filiah - In a Haunted House

August 13, 2021

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What to do when a love wound gets deeper and deeper day by day? For most of the musicians we present to you on IMC, the solution is in front of them: writing. This is what Filiah, an Austrian artist, did for her third single called "In a Haunted House". A magnificent mostly acoustic ballad, where the singer fights with her scars and fears.

She explains that she built a fence to protect her haunted house, filled with memories and nostalgia. Until he comes back. And the song then takes on another key and becomes brighter. But Filiah leaves us with questions because we don't know what will happen next. After talking about ghosts, what will happen?

Very gently, with a very comfortable and delicate voice, Filiah tells us this story, as we would confide in a friend. The production is light and harmonious and gives us time to close our eyes and follow the very colorful lyrics of the song. We can then imagine these two characters, whom everything seems to divide, then finally bring together, and we set the scene in our head.

As Filiah said: "For me, this song feels like a trip through my diary entries. Seeing this whole past toxic relationship of mine pass by me again just made me realize that fighting for this one person had me ending up really tired. I'm saying one final „Goodbye“ and making peace with a ghost I’ve held on to for a long time. It's the last song on my upcoming album and ends on a much lighter note than the rest, reminding me that trusting in people again is the hardest yet bravest thing you can do after trauma.".

We loved this little gem of sweetness and we are sure you will love it too! To share without moderation.

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Written by Niko.



I might give up

Make this night an early morning

I think I’ve seen this before

It’s all been done

I have lived all my stories

I can’t tell them no more

So I built a fence for a haunted house

Watered the flowers then threw them out

I used to love him

It wore me out

Morning comes

I kill time with a lover

I can’t feel it no more

And I’d rather walk

Til my feet don’t remember

What it’s like to carry you

So I sold the fence and made friends with all

(I sold the fence and gave them names)

All of the ghosts of my haunted house

(all of the ghosts are now my friends)

I grew a flower in my backyard

Then there he was

Screaming my name at the front door

Saying I’m someone he fell for

Saying I’m someone to love

There he was

Saying I’m worth breaking spells for

Saying this ever so certain

Like nobody ever was

I let him into my haunted house

We talked about ghosts and lovers lost

Next to the flower then lay it’s thorns


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