Erik Jonasson - Horizon

June 04, 2018

To start the week in a good way, we invite you to Sweden (yes, again!) to discover the multi-faceted world of Erik Jonasson. With a very surprising voice and an incredible musical maturity for his age, the artist offers us a reflection: to leave, or not to leave? With a previous song, "Like A Funeral", our young singer has already gained great visibility, and several million streams on Spotify, after the song was included in season finale of Vampire Diaries. On the emotional side, he offers us what we prefer: a masterful ending in apotheosis, with the bonus of sax. Erik is described as a crooner, we now understand why. He is classy and brilliant, in every sense of the word. "Horizon" is a perfect track, professional, and powerful, that you will not get tired of listening. Available on Spotify, Soundcloud, and iTunes, and included in our "Need to Escape" playlist on Spotify.