Damien McFly - Vega

March 28, 2020

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It was on November 1st, with "My Cure", that we met Damien McFly, our favorite Italian.

And he's back, with a new single, "Vega", a song that Damien wrote 2 years ago.

And, first of all, he tells us why the song was called "Vega" :

"Vega is a star that 12000 years ago used to be Earth's northern star, and it will be again in 13000 years. It spins way faster than the sun even though it is twice as big. Vega is strength, constance and dedication. We’re all trying to reach something, and we often get lost in the way, because we need a prize from time to time to remind us that we’re doing the right thing. In hard times when that prize is missing, we need support from the people close to us, from the people who know what we’re fighting for and share our vision and our dreams. And when we’re left alone, we need to dig into our past and find what went wrong and we need to be strong enough to go on with our head up high. Vega is about redemption, about recognizing our own mistakes and reshape ourselves in order to become better people, with the help of our loved ones."

In these particular times, where we have much more time to reflect, and taking distance is easier.

And definitely, this song can help!

Carried by a very strong, powerful and warm melody, Damien's voice is like an invitation to rest, step back and relax.

Damien has a real vocal signature, an unusual personality, and a great talent for imagining thoughts.

A real gem to find in our March 2020 Spotify playlist.


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