Chris Conroy - Wolves

June 04, 2021

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Already seduced by the sweet melody of the intro, when we heard Chris Conroy's voice, we were 100% convinced that we were going to get chills. And we weren't wrong.

Such a voice is exceptional, and the artist manages to convey the strongest of emotions just through his voice. And just after the 1:30 mark, we understand all the emotional power of this extraordinary voice.

A breakup is never an easy step in life and often leaves us in a fragile state. This fragility can be felt in Conroy's voice with disconcerting intensity. With heartbreaking lyrics, this cry for help is moving, and the backing vocals that appear at the end have ended up giving us what we were looking for: the chills and hairs of our arms standing upright.

"Wolves" is a jewel of emotionality and poetry. The song explores the fears of the unknown and the fact of having to get out of your comfort zone to discover happiness. Ending as in euphoria of distress, the song leaves us with our mouths wide open. On the one hand, it makes us realize that we are not the only ones to sometimes feel these somewhat confusing feelings, and on the other hand, comforts us, with a divine melody and magnificent vocal harmonies. A striking contrast that we liked from the first seconds.

The parallel between animality (when the artist compares himself to a wolf howling at the moon), and humanity (since the artist reveals deep feelings that only humans can feel), is interesting and makes this song deserves careful listening.

We loved it. And you will succumb too, it is inevitable.

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My pride clouds my judgment
Whenever I'm with you
And I wanna feel in love dear
maybe you’ll teach me too

Until then I’ll howl at the moon
And do what wolves do
But when I'm out in the wild again
I’ll be thinking of you

I can't get you out of my head
I can't get you out of my soul
I can't get you out of my head
I can't get you out of my soul

And I'm thinking now that I'm lost
but my loyalty remains
And I know I'm all that you want
But I'm confined to this maze

So I'll howl at the moon
And do what wolves do
Just know my love was not washed
But I'm not built for the zoo

I can't get you out of my head
I can't get you out of my soul
I can't get you out of my head
I can't get you out of my soul

So promise me if this is love
That I'm enough
Let me know
Cause I've been broken once before

If you could see the other side
And feel alive
Just step out
Into the wild

I can't get you out of my head (repeated)


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