Ben Greenberg - River

August 28, 2020

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This is the third feature for Ben Greenberg at Indie Music Center. And it won't be the last. When he submitted to us this new track, we tried an experiment. Approving the song even before listening to it, as we were really convinced that his work always worth it. And we were right. This new song is perfect to fit our concept based on emotions. And "perfect" is a word that has a real meaning for us, but sometimes difficult for artists to accept. Because Ben Greenberg is a bit like The Satellite Station: perfectionist, and humble. And as we always say: criticism is easier to accept than compliment. Our favorite Californian writes with his heart. And that's what touches us the most in his music. In a discussion, Ben does not express his feelings. But he sings them. Music is his escape route. It's a safe bet that the artist still doubts about his talent, even after recording the song, and the final result after a good mastering. And it is even certain that he still doubts when he sends us the song. But for us, there is no doubt: the talent is there. The artist has inserted a new instrument in this track: the electric guitar, present on a frenzied solo. But the ingredients that make his music so wonderful remain the same: a spellbinding voice, a catchy melody, and a relaxing atmosphere. Despite a correct 3:45 duration, when we reach the end, we have only one desire: to listen again. Included in our "Indie Folk Gems" playlist. You can find this playlist on : Spotify / Soundcloud / Youtube

Ben Greenberg's point of view :

River sounds like a love letter to someone, but in writing it I was actually trying to lovingly address myself. The lyrics speak to a doubtful and withdrawn person; someone who is hesitant, chasing perfection, and ultimately withholding love from themselves and from the world. The singer seeks to comfort and encourage this person to allow their light to shine into the world, to let go of their fears, to trust in love and in their ability to navigate the river of life's wonders and challenges.

I started writing the song at a bluegrass music festival, after some friends had invited me to play as a guest during their performance. While onstage, I felt inadequate; they already had other guitarists and vocalists on stage and I felt almost guilty that I didn't have more to offer. I got offstage after only one song. As I was walking away, I realized that my friends had just wanted me to be there with them and share in the fun of the moment, but my perfectionism and self-doubt had prevented me from just being present and enjoying the music with them. I realized that this was part of a broader pattern in my life, a habit that I had developed of doubting my worth and engaging the world from a place of fear and self-criticism rather than love and enjoyment. I assumed I was unworthy of a positive experience often before I even allowed myself the chance to find out what was possible. River came out of a need to confront that critical, doubting inner voice and say "You are enough, just as you are. Stop worrying so much and just enjoy being part of this world while you have the chance, because life is too precious to waste on those doubts and worries."

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Ben Greenberg has been writing and performing music since he took up the guitar at age 13. He has since developed into a seasoned songwriter and musician, and his lyrical content has matured from impressions of teenage angst and fantasy into sincere observations of relationships and personal growth, with an eye towards the consideration of one's place in a complicated world. Originally from Santa Rosa, CA, Ben recently moved to Los Angeles, where he works as a freelance musician and singer. He is thrilled to be sharing his music with new audiences, and he hopes to inspire others as so many musicians and artists have inspired him.

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