Adar Alfandari - Wonder

June 28, 2021

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I can’t believe how lucky I am to have stumbled across 25 year-old singer-songwriter Adar Alfandari’s New Release, “Wonder” this weekend from his upcoming album “Gold Dust” produced by Idan Katz! From the first moment the fingerpicking pulls you in. And then Adar begins his storytelling… You have to stop what you’re doing and just pay attention. His voice is both unexpected and delightful. Honest and powerful, his subtle falsetto is graced by a rich accent Adar uses to skillfully flavor just the right mix of vocal atmosphere to complement the instrumental vibe.

Accompanied by light percussion and bass and tons of little sound nuggets that add depth and passion to the mix, you hear new melodic hooks each time your listen. (I’ve listened to it at least a dozen times already!). “Wonder”is brimming with catchy poetic metaphors throughout (“You’re my late-night radio station when I’m off. You tune me in.” Deceptively simple in its composition, Wonder is complex in its message and arrangement. It is personal and colorful, luring and soft in the beginning opening verse and chorus, full and dramatic in the bridge. (“Wonder, far away; We will lose our way; we’ll be bound to stay!”).

Adar started out with “Dor Hamabul” band together with his brother, touring around Israel and gaining thousands of views and streams for his music, and released a debut album with the band. Now with Adar’s solo career getting underway, “Wonder is his fifth and final single from his debut album planned to release in July. He describes “Wonder” as the album’s “love song”, and it truly is quite beautiful and amazing.  

You can follow him on Spotify directly above by clicking the green icon and I have to add that the lyric video is also just captivating! You really should check it out and make sure to subscribe while you’re there!

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Written by Joe.


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