A Sip of Music - October 5, 2021

October 05, 2021

Pale Moon - Strange Days

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It's been almost a year since we introduced you to the Icelandic band Pale Moon. It was November 20, 2020, and we were all amazed by Árni and Nata. Sometimes a little lunar and offbeat, but always with a little touch of humor that never hurts, Pale Moon has delighted us for a year with their live streams on Instagram and their authenticity. I said lunar and offbeat. I would even say a little crazy, but I won't say more: just go read their bio on Spotify and you will understand.

Árni was part of the band "Of Monsters and Men" for 2 years. While Nata, on her side, preferred to indulge in poetry. The meeting of the two universes is absolutely fabulous.

When we discovered their new single "Strange Days", we immediately thought "what a banger!".

During the first verse, I had a flash of nostalgia. As if I had found myself propelled in 1996. I felt like I was listening to No Doubt. Yes, the vocal resemblance to Gwen Stefani, is quite amazing and becomes even more striking during the pre-chorus and the chorus.

But with an irresistibly catchy chorus that makes you want to shake your head, Pale Moon stands out with a very qualitative musical universe, with little nods to a bygone era, and a musical identity of their own.

The bridge, which is usually a delicate part, is brilliantly made here. With much self-mockery, the group sings with undisguised joy that "we all gonna die". I love this crazy side of a band that doesn't take itself seriously.

To conclude, I would tell you that "Strange Days" is an excellent track, perfectly anchored in its time, which will delight fans of catchy melodies and lightness. A perfect mix between No Doubt and The Kooks. With one detail that changes everything: accessibility. Don't hesitate to get in touch with them, you won't regret it!


Yon Idy - My Fire

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Yon Idy comes from Skopje (FYRM), and his voice immediately wowed us. If you like big vocals like George Ezra or Southey (which we introduced you to this summer), you'll love Yon Idy's new single, released on September 10th.

As the artist said, the song "explores the doubt we all have inside as we pursue our passions".

The vocal performance is impressive because Yon Idy is able to dose the emotions through his voice very precisely. I would even say in a millimeter way. Combining a resolutely folk musical universe, tinged with discreet vocal harmonies, and a pinch of poetry, the artist envelops us as in cotton. We like to close our eyes and appreciate every second of this little gem.

The writing is absolutely fabulous and worthy of the greatest artists. And it's not surprising when you know that he grew up listening to The Beatles or Leonard Cohen. The chorus is super catchy and we're sure you'll have the song on your mind all day.

Helped by Faton Islami and Besnik Zejnullai, the artist has also released a magnificent music video to accompany this masterpiece:


Peco - The Hard & the Wild

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Peco comes from Kildare, in Ireland, and is a complete artist: his discography on Spotify is already well supplied, and offers a nice palette of surprises like the astonishing "Wait", completely different from his new single "The Hard & the Wild "released last Friday.

This is what makes the strength of an artist: to explore different musical universes and to take pleasure in everything. But I admit that his new single, deep in indie-folk, is amazing.

Throughout the song, the unexpected and surprising melody changes give it originality. Often times a song is constructed in a way that lets you imagine which note or chords will come next. Peco succeeds here in the exercise of destabilizing us by pleasantly surprising us.

The construction of the song is exactly as we like: the intensity and the emotions rise gradually until reaching a very moving end, carried by touching lyrics and a powerful melody. Even if the outcome is not the happiest (I won't tell you more, and let you discover the talents of our storyteller), the song leaves us with an impression of well-being. Almost as if we were reassured by telling ourselves that our sad and dreary life is not the worst.

Special mention for the electric guitar, which, combined with Peco's exceptional voice, gave me the goosebumps I was looking for. You will love this song, for sure.


Written by Niko. All songs added to our "Fresh Indie" playlist on Spotify.


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