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It was in July, under an overwhelming heat and the blazing sun of the 'Hold On' music video, that we discovered the Swedes of Tiny Fighter. And we can speak of real discovery, and even of crush. I immediately hooked with their album "Going Home" which is full of nuggets all more brilliant than the others. Today, they're back with a new single from this album, and this is probably the more emotional track of the record. And Tiny Fighter are really careful with their appearance. Their music sounds professional. So their music videos also need to look professional. And they do! They filmed this one in a old quarry, just outside of Stockholm. And the result is amazing. The band even laughs at it, talking about Therese's "stunts", and reassuring us: she's okay. Fine! And fortunately, haha! The song is about different questions we ask ourselves in a relationship: "If I put all my trust in you, will you deceive me?". With incredibly soulful vocals and a powerful and moving melody, Tiny Fighter succeeds, once again, in seducing us from the first to the last note. A masterpiece.

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July 01, 2020 - Hold On

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Tiny Fighter are a Stockholm-based band that formed in 2017 after a chance meeting between Therese Karlsson (a truck driver) and Tim Spelman (a doctor). Since then, Tiny Fighter have built a strong live reputation for mixing catchy pop-rock with darker adult-contemporary themes and arrangements. Tiny Fighter released their first single New Century in early 2018 which went on to receive over 145K views on YouTube with it’s unique 360-degree based music video. The band then went on to release two more singles in 2018, Hollow Talk and Want Friends, in addition to the live album – The Loft Sessions (Live in New York) - recorded on their first North American tour of the United States and Canada. They also played the Stockholm final of the competitive P4 Nästa 2018 song competition. To date, the band now have over 740,000 views on YouTube and over 330,000 streams on Spotify. Their latest EP “Tell Me” was playlisted by 199 radio stations in 44 countries across the world and their music videos have been broadcast on Music City Arts Nashville, IndieWave, H2o Television, IndiMusic.tv, RX Music, Sidewalks, Multiplicity, PC Music, Video Jam, The ClubCom Network, LATV & Video Hits. 2019 saw the band being their ongoing collaboration with multi-Grammy award winning producer Thomas “Plec” Johansson, resulting in both the Tell Me EP and the Reworks remix album. This was supported with tours through Ireland, Latvia, Serbia, Sweden and upcoming festival shows in Spain.


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