Natalie Major - The Moon

April 18, 2020

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A very nice surprise to wake up on Monday morning: Natalie Major.

An exceptional voice, which is good for your ears.

Her new single "The Moon" was released on February 21.

It is aimed at the younger Natalie, who came close to death after a scooter accident in Thailand.

The song is about growing up and having hope no matter what happens.

A very beautiful message, carried by extraordinary vocal capacities, and a beautifully well written text.

Natalie has a sense of melody.

And it's not surprising that she masters her art so much, because despite her young age, she's been in music for almost 10 years.

A very neat music video, where a rather dark universe meets a spark of hope.

A nice contrast between dark and light, on which the artist plays, according to her emotions.

Strong emotions that she masters, to the point of triggering the thrill in us.

"The Moon" is the first track of our brand new "March 2020" Spotify playlist.